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Anishinaabemowin Pane Immersion Program

Anishnaabemwin Pane MottoThis four- and six-year program is designed to facilitate the language student’s acquisition of Anishinaabemowin by developing their ability to understand the content of fluent speaker’s speech, respond to that speech appropriately, and produce an advanced level of spontaneous Anishinaabemowin speech.

Understanding of Anishinaabemowin
It takes about 2,000 hours of listening to any language in its full natural form for a young child to fully understand his/her first language. At the end of 3 years of full-time Pane (‘pun-ay’) immersion, students will have approximately 1,890 listening hours. Understanding spoken Anishinaabemwin will most likely be above 90% by this time. As adult learners, students will be encouraged to speak when they are ready, not forced. In the 4th year and all the way through the 6th year, students will continue to build comprehension. Through games and activities-no stress, no pressure, students will have opportunities to speak and interact with speakers and other students.

This program is intended for students deeply interested in, and committed to acquiring an ability to comprehend and speak Anishinaabemowin. Students completing both the weekly immersion courses and the immersion weekends will receive a Diploma in Anishinaabemowin Pane Immersion.

Diploma Program

Diploma Audit Form

Michele Wellman-Teeple HeadshotTo learn more about the PANE Program contact Michele Wellman-Teeple, Assistant Director of Anishinaabemowin Pane Immersion Program:

Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: (906) 248-8472

Pane Logo“I wanted to learn Anishinaabemowin in order to bring back the language that was taken from my Grandmother. The Anishinaabemowin Pane Immersion Program helped me develop an understanding of the language where I could assist in the resurgence and pass it on to the youth.”  
-- Sonja Killips, Student, 2016 Frank Hugo Memorial Scholarship Recipient and Six Year Diploma Graduate

“Every level of learner will get something out of this. All paths to language acquisition are great!”  
-- Renee ‘Wasson’ Dillard, 2017 Frank Hugo Memorial Scholarship Recipient and Four Year Diploma Graduate

“My involvement in this program has had an everlasting positive impact on my life. The classroom setting is relaxed, comfortable, and a lot of fun. I have made new friends and the teachers and fellow students have made me feel like family. Most importantly, it has reconnected me with my culture and I am learning to understand and speak the Ojibwe language. I recommend anyone with even the slightest interest to come and shadow for a weekend. Just hearing the language spoken so fluently and eloquently by the teachers will resonate connection.”  
-- Florence Ludka, Second Year Pane Student (2017)

Linda Trudeau HeadshotMabel Lewis-Hill HeadshotFredia LewisIn order from left to right: Linda Trudeau, Lead Instructor, Mabel Lewis-Hill, and Frieda Lewis.