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ANNOUNCEMENT: Registration is now open! Contact your advisor & register between April 4th-April 15th and be entered to win amazing prizes!

NOTICE: The wearing of masks are no longer required to enter BMCC properties. However, sanitation stations (masks and hand sanitizer) will remain at each entrance.

Information Technology

Information Technology offers the following services:

  • Access to Microsoft 365, which includes Microsoft Office for free for all students!
  • Assistance with any student account issues
  • Diagnostics and repair of personal computers

All students and employees have access to the Microsoft 365 suite of online and downloadable applications. Services included are:

  • Outlook Email - BMCC's Email Service Provider.
  • Moodle - BMCC's Learning Management System. This is used for all online classes, and most on-campus classes
  • Bookstore - The BMCC bookstore is your one stop shop for all your book needs
  • Zoom - BMCC primarily uses Zoom for class videoconferencing purposes 
  • Word – Microsoft Word is a widely used commercial graphical word processing program.
  • Excel – Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program used for data analysis and documentation.
  • PowerPoint – Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software that enables users to create slideshow presentations.
  • OneDrive – Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based service that connects you to all of your files, and syncs them across multiple devices.
  • OneNote – Microsoft OneNote is a digital application designed for note-taking and information storage.
  • Teams – Microsoft Teams service enables instant-messaging in a chat-based collaboration platform, including video calling and file sharing.  

Office Login Instructions

Similar to GSuite, a Microsoft 365 account is automatically created for a student shortly after they are accepted to BMCC. The login steps will also be very similar. Use the following steps to access Microsoft 365:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your BMCC Email
    • Your BMCC Email address should be as follows: The first initial of your first name, your last name, and the last 4 digits of your Student ID number followed by
  3. Sign in using your default password (this should be changed later)
    • Your default password should be bmcc followed by your student ID number with an exclamation mark at the end.
      Example Student
              First Name: John
              Last Name: Smith
              Student ID: 1234567
      Example BMCC Email Account Info:
              Email address:
              Password: bmcc1234567!

Once you’ve logged into Microsoft 365, you will now have access to all of the applications listed above, and more. Unlike GSuite, you are not automatically prompted to change your password, however, it is still a good idea to do so. This process is just as straight forward. The steps to do so as are follows:

  1. Go to
  2. If you’ve followed the steps above, you will already be signed in. If not, follow the steps above.
  3. Click on the circle with your initials in them in the upper-most right corner of the screen.
    • Example: If your name were John Smith, the icon would be the letters JS encased within a circle. Image instructions are available below.
  4. Once clicked on the circle, click on the first link visible directly below your email titled “View Account”.
  5. Now that you are viewing your account, you should see a large “Password” section with an icon of a key. Right below the key, click the “Change Password” link.
  6. Once at the change password webpage, you’ll notice three prompts. The first is your old-password. Type in the password that you used to log in, which was generated for you. In the second and third fields, type in your brand-new password. You are asked to type it in twice to ensure you don’t make any spelling errors. Be sure to choose a new password that is strong and one which you will remember. There is information online about what makes a good password, as well as free password generators.
Microsoft Student Example Screen Image

Need some IT Assistance?

You can send an email to, or you can fill out the IT ticket form below, and the first available IT staff member will reach out to you.  If the issue is about your BMCC Email Account please include your first and last name, or your full 7-digit student ID number you have on file with us through student records (EmpowerWeb), and we will be happy to assist you; we may need to ask some verification questions before making any changes to your account. You can also call 906-248-3354 and ask for Information Technology.

Please note: this form is optimized for desktop browser use and may not have full functionality on mobile devices.