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Student Council By Laws

The student council at BMCC consists of all full and part-time students, with the exception of BMCC employees. The student council consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, sergeant at arms elected from the student council-at-large at the beginning of the fall semester each academic year. A special activities coordinator may be appointed by the student council officers or president to assist with planning student projects.

The student council, in conjunction with the Student Services advisors, administers the student council funds, plans activities, organizes and promotes events such as fundraisers, picnics, cultural gatherings and field trips.

The Student Council President also represents the concerns of all students as a non-voting ex-officio member of the BMCC Board of Regents.



We the students of Bay Mills Community College in order to form a more efficient student council; to create a harmonious relationship between the administration, faculty and students; to maintain the highest educational standards; to further the students' cultural and social welfare do establish this constitution.


Section 1
The name of the organization of the Bay Mills Community College student body shall here in after be referred to as the BMCC Student Council.


Section 1
All full-time and part-time BMCC students will be considered members of the BMCC Student Body.

Section 1
The governing body of the BMCC Student Body shall be known as the BMCC Student Council, subject to the powers to act on behalf of the entire Student Body.
Section 2
The BMCC Student Body shall elect from its own members, by secret ballot, a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms. The five so elected shall constitute the BMCC Student Council Officers, which shall exercise the powers and duties delegated to them by the BMCC Student Body which reserves the right of review over actions of the BMCC Student Council Officers.

​Section 3​
The duties and powers of the BMCC Student Council Officers shall be:​
  1. To make themselves available to help any student to initiate consideration of student problems and to communicate recommendations to proper college authorities.
  2. To approve jointly with the Student Services Office those official student social activities which are to be included in the social calendar.
  3. To assist with the coordination of those activities of the college, which are necessary to furnish adequate extra-curricular programs.
  4. To approve jointly with the Student Services Office all constitutions of student organizations and clubs, and amendments to those constitutions.
  5. To take all necessary and proper action for executing the foregoing powers for the office for which they were elected.


Section 1
To be eligible for nomination and election to the BMCC Student Council, a student must be a “student in good standing.” Good standing is defined as making satisfactory academic progress documented by a minimum 2.0 GPA, continuous progress towards a degree, at least 70% attendance in all registered classes, no outstanding financial obligations to BMCC, no misconduct issues as defined in the Student Handbook and you must carry at least an eight (8) college credit load. Candidates for the position of President must be a tribal member.  *AMENDED BOARD OF REGENTS MEETING 1-27-07 (FROM 12 TO 8 CREDITS).

Section 2​
All full and part-time BMCC students are eligible to vote, except BMCC employees.

Section 3
All students wanting to seek election to the Student Council shall complete, sign, and submit the nomination form in the designated office. Once the nomination period closes, the ballot will be prepared and notices will be posted with the voting dates, rules, and locations.

Section 4
The candidate with the highest number of votes for each position is elected. In event of a tie, another election will be held only for the position for which a tie was declared.​

Section 5
The election shall be under the supervision and control of the Director of Student Success and office management personnel.​

Section 6
Elections shall be conducted by private ballot, on a voting form provided to each eligible voter, and shall be carried out through the placement in a ballot box which shall be available to voters for not less than 5 consecutive school days. The office management personnel under the supervision of the Director of Student Success shall count ballots at the conclusion of the voting period.

Section 7
The term of office for each elected officer or representative from the student body shall be limited to one academic year. This shall not prevent a student from being re-elected to successive terms in the same position or being appointed or elected to different positions in succeeding terms.

Section 8
If the President steps down or leaves his/her position, the Vice President shall then step into office for the remainder of the academic year. If a vacancy occurs within the remainder of the BMCC Student Council offices, the position shall be filled for the remainder of the academic year by the person who received the next highest number of votes in the election for that office. If no such person is eligible or available to serve, the Student Council shall make recommendations to Bay Mills Community College’s President who will appoint an interested student.


Section 1
The duties of the President shall be:​

  1. President at all meetings of the BMCC Student Council.
  2. Attend all meetings of the BMCC Board of Regents as a non-voting ex-officio member, to bring student issues to the Board, or appoint another Council Officer to attend in their place.
  3. Be an ex-officio (Board of Regents Meeting 10/15/2004) member of all BMCC Student Council committees.
  4. Have the power to appoint persons or committees as needed, including a special activities coordinator.
  5. Assist Treasurer with disbursement of funds for BMCC Student Council.
  6. Prepare and deliver the Student Address at commencement exercises.

Section 2
The duties of the Vice President shall be:

  1. Attend all BMCC Student Council meetings.
  2. Preside in the absence of the President.
  3. Assume the duties of the President if the office is vacated.
  4. Assist with coordinating of BMCC Student Council activities

Section 3
The duties of the Secretary shall be to:

  1. Attend all BMCC Student Council meetings.
  2. Prepare and keep all BMCC Student Council meeting agendas.
  3. Record and keep minutes of all BMCC Student Council meetings.
  4. Prepare all correspondence that relates to BMCC Student Council affairs.
  5. The Secretary shall have the power to request the appointment of a correspondence secretary who shall be a member of the BMCC Student Council. Appointment shall be made by the President of the BMCC Student Council.
  6. Record and keep all BMCC Student Council information annually.

Section 4
The duties of the Treasurer shall be to:

  1. Attend all BMCC Student Council meetings.
  2. Request the disbursement of funds from the BMCC Accounting Office.
  3. Review and correct the Student Council financial records.
  4. Present monthly financial reports at Student Council meetings.
  5. Provide financial information to Secretary for the BMCC Student Council Annual Report.

Section 5
The duties of the Sergeant at Arms shall be to:

  1. Attend all BMCC Student Council meetings.
  2. Prepare and post all BMCC Student Council meeting announcements.
  3. Verbally inform all students on premises of BMCC Student Council meeting time and place.
  4. Insures orderly conduct of meetings.
  5. All other duties as assigned by the Council President


  1.  The Student Council Officers shall conduct a minimum of one meeting monthly, which is to be established as a regular Officers work meeting.  (Example 1st and 3rd Monday each month)
  2. The Student Council Officers meetings shall be open to all members of the student body. However; students, organizations or groups that wish to address the student council officers must notify the council secretary to be placed on the agenda. These work meetings will be held for officers to conduct council business and make officers available to the students.
  3. Special meetings may be called by the President, as needed.
  4. The Student Council will hold two meetings per semester to inform the Student body of current issues involving the students of BMCC. These may be held in the form of a social hour in order to inform or get feedback from the students on issues at hand.
  5. A resolution or motion shall be considered for vote only if proposed by a student body member and seconded by any other eligible student, each resolution should be written out when presented to the council for consideration to avoid any confusion. A majority vote of those present during debate is sufficient for official action.
  6. The order of business of the Student Council so far as possible shall be:​

    a. Opening Prayer
    b. Call Meeting to order.
    c. Roll Call
    d. Approval of minutes from prior meeting
    e. President's Report
    f. Treasurer's Report
    g. Old business
    h. New business
    i. Adjournment


Section 1​
The entire board of elected officers, or any individual, may be removed from office by majority vote of the BMCC Student Body. A special meeting of the Student Body should be called to order upon receipt by the Secretary of a written petition, signed by at least 20 eligible student body voters, calling for a recall vote by the student government of a member of the elected board of BMCC Student Council Officers and the reason therefore. The member(s) subject to the petition shall be provided notice of the meeting, a copy of the petition, and the opportunity to appear, present witness, answer accusations and speak prior to the recall vote being conducted.

Section 2
Causes of removal are:

  1. Permanent change of residence.
  2. Failure to attend two consecutive Student Council meetings without good cause.
  3. Failure to fulfill duties.
  4. Failure to maintain 2.0 grade point average.
  5. Failure to act or represent the best interest of Bay Mills Community College. Such as, If found guilty of a misdemeanor involving dishonesty or of a felony in any Indian, State or Federal Court.


Section 1
An amendment to the constitution may be proposed by the Student Council Officers or a member of the Student Council body.​

Section 2
An amendment must be approved by two-thirds of the members of the Student Council Officers before it can be placed on the ballot for the approval of the student body. If the new amendment supersedes an existing regulation, then the full text of both shall appear on the ballot. A two-thirds majority of the balloted vote shall be necessary for ratification.


Section 1
The constitution must be ratified by two-thirds of those voting.

Section 2
The constitution will be presented to an announced open meeting of Bay Mills Community College Student Body.

Section 3
The constitution will become effective the semester following ratification, pending Bay Mills Community College Board of Regents approval.


Download a PDF copy here: Student Council By Laws