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ANNOUNCEMENT: BMCC has transitioned Email and Single Sign-On services to Microsoft, please check for more information.

NOTICE: The wearing of masks are no longer required to enter BMCC properties. However, sanitation stations (masks and hand sanitizer) will remain at each entrance.

When does my online class begin and end?

When does my online class begin and end?

Please refer to the Academic calendar for specific semester dates.  Most online classes are offered for 15 weeks in an asynchronous format, meaning you log into class each week at a time that is convenient for you unless otherwise stated by your instructor. That does not mean, however, that frequent and consistent access to the online class is not required, in fact, we strongly encourage it. Online classes may also meet online at scheduled times for chat sessions; this will be determined by the instructor in each course. Refer to the course syllabus for any scheduled live meeting times or specific early deadlines. All online classes follow the Eastern Standard Time zone (EST) for defining the start and end of a week within the online term, any synchronous meeting times, drop and withdrawal deadline times and assignment and exam submission times.