Mukwa Health and Fitness Center


Dear Valued Members and Guests:

The Mukwa staff would like to update all of our patrons about current Fitness Center Mukwa Health & Operations. The current pandemic is a very fluid and ever-changing situation; with that in mind, the staff is taking every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of our members, guests, and staff. The following plan is backed by guidelines set forth by our tribal government, Michigan’s government, the CDC recommendations, and other policies and procedures found in the health and fitness industry. As you read along please be aware that the Mukwa staff has the right to change the tentative plan to reopen as new information and data becomes available.

The Mukwa Fitness Center is now open with limited hours.  If the Mukwa staff and tribal government feel it is necessary to extend the closure, we will do so for the safety of our members, guests, and staff. Now that we have reopened, members and guests will notice some changes to the facility and how it is being run. These changes are not permanent but will remain in effect until it is safe to go back to our normal policies and procedures.


Any questions or concerns during this time, please email Amber at [email protected]

Thank you for understanding and cooperation during this time! It is greatly appreciated!


Contact Information

Location/Address: 12400 W Spectacle Lake Rd Brimley, Michigan, MI 49715

Phone Numbers:

Front Desk (906) 248-1114

WMM Office (906) 248-1032

WMH Rehab Mukwa (906) 248-1033

WMM Rehab Office (906) 248-1113

Amber Stephan (906) 248-9010

Email: Amber Stephan: [email protected]

How to Get a Membership

Signing up for membership with the Fitness Center is very easy. Individuals interested in membership can stop by the fitness center and fill out a new member packet with a staff member or download the membership packet and bring it into the fitness center. A staff member will look it over, make sure everything is signed, and set up fingerprint access for the new member. Fingerprint access allows the new member to use the facility after staffed hours.

MEMBERSHIP RATES (updated 2022-06-09)

Bay Mills Indian Community Tribal Members

Daily Individual Fee: $4.00 *Family of 2 Monthly Fee of $35.00
Individual Monthly Fee: $30.00   *Family of 3 or more Monthly Fee: $40.00
Individual 6-Month Fee: $100.00  *Family 6-Month Fee: $160.00
Individual Yearly Fee: $170.00 *Family Yearly Fee: $280.00

Memberships for those aged 55 and older are free

Non-Bay Mills Indian Community Members

Daily Individual Fee: $4.00 *Family of 2 Monthly Fee: $40.00
Individual Monthly Fee: $35.00 *Family or 3 of more Monthly Fee: $50.00
Individual 6-Month Fee: $130.00 *Family 6-Month Fee: $190.00
Individual Yearly Fee: $230.00 *Family Yearly Fee: $340.00

Memberships for those aged 55 and older are free

College/University Students

College and university students from BMCC and LSSU who can prove current enrollment are eligible for a membership fee of $30.00/semester (fall/spring/summer).

All Memberships for those aged 55 and older (Bay Mills Tribal/Non-Bay Mills Tribal) are FREE

All Memberships for those working for Bay Mills Fire Crew/Bay Mills Police Department/Bay Mills Conservation/Superior Township Fire Crew are FREE

Fill out the Health History Questionnaire to apply for membership.

View Mukwa Fitness Center Policies


Group Exercise Training Session

Over 50 Fitness Workout Class - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:00 am - 10:30 am
This 30-minute, low-impact, light to moderate intensity workout class is designed for people 50+ to increase their cardiovascular and muscular endurance. This class is a combination of cardio, aerobic, and strengthening exercises using hand-held weights, stair-steppers, and chairs to offer support, stretching, and relaxation. All fitness levels are welcome to participate. There is no fee for this class.
Contact Information: Amber Stephan, (906) 248-9010 or [email protected].

"Namaste on the Bay" Yoga - Tuesday and Friday 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
This is a beginner-friendly class designed for relaxation and stress management. All fitness levels are welcome. There are limited mats available, but you are welcome to bring your own. There is a $10 drop-in fee for each class. Visit for more information.
Contact Information: Jamie Lufkins, (906) 322-8101
***Jamie is currently offering yoga classes via Zoom on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 pm. Contact Jamie for more information.

Circuit Training - Sunday-Saturday (times vary)
This high-intensity aerobics class targets strength building and muscular endurance. After completing a station, instead of resting, you move quickly to the next station. Participants will move between the 8 stations for 30-second intervals, 3 times. There is no fee for this class.
Contact Information: Amber Stephan, (906) 248-9010 or [email protected].

Teen/Adult TaeKwonDo - Beginner Class (class is already full) Saturday 11:15 am - 12:00 pm
This 10-session class is the perfect platform to get started in martial arts. We will help students develop the defense skills desired to advance from a complete beginner to earning a yellow belt rank in TaeKwonDo. Class participants can expect to begin the art of safely defending themselves with the proper and effective use of kicks and strikes. There is an $80 registration fee, which includes uniform, belt, study guide, weapon, and certificate of rank advancement.
Contact Information: Jamie Eavou, (906) 322-6400 or [email protected].


Services Provided

Personal Training
Our staff and students offer one-on-one training as well as designing individualized programs geared towards the specific goals the client is seeking.

Manipulation: increasing range of motion (ROM); induces flexibility and/or stability; facilitates movements and improves function.

Tanita Scale
Identifies fat-free mass (FFM): fat mass, total body water weight, and a total fat percentage.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy is available per Doctor’s request or prescription and is conveniently located within the Mukwa Health and Fitness Center. Contact War Memorial Hospital for more information ((906) 635-4460 or (906) 248-1032). Physical Therapy is currently open for appoints.



With a paid membership, clients have access to showers, the fitness center floor, and can join group exercise classes. (Some classes include an additional fee based on the instructor)

Inquire within as classes continually change throughout the year.

We are operating with limited hours beginning October 5, 2020. When a client completes the application and makes the first payment, the new member will be required to scan his/her fingerprint, which is the members' personal key code to allow access that is convenient to the member.


Community Bike Share Program

The Bike Program is BACK!!! After a long winter, the fitness center is happy to announce that the bike share program has returned. Anyone is welcome to stop by and borrow a bike (we also have a few adult tricycles) for their disposal for 30 days, at NO COST. A few changes to the program include: a person can only borrow the bikes for a total of 30 days at a time. They are welcome to re-borrow the bike after a 2-day wait period. This is to ensure that ALL members of the community have an opportunity to take advantage of the program. There is a bit more paperwork now; these added forms are to ensure that the bikes and all parties are in agreement of how the program works and what the responsibilities of both parties are.


Community Snowshoe and Cross Country Ski Share Program

Anyone is welcome to stop by and borrow snowshoes and cross country ski packages during the winter for up to 30 days, free of charge. Extensions may be granted simply by calling the front desk and making the request. Those wishing to participate in the program will be required to complete a waiver and release form and provide a valid driver's license or another valid form of identification. Snowshoes are distributed according to weight.  Ski packages (skis, poles, and boots) are distributed based on height, weight, and shoe size.  All skis are of the no-wax variety.  Limited sizes are available.


Equipment Available

Cardio Equipment

Strength Training Equipment

Miscellaneous Equipment


Staff Bios

Amber Stephan - Community Health and Fitness Coordinator
Amber Stephan is the Community Health and Fitness Coordinator for the Bay Mills Community Recreation and Fitness Initiative Program and Bay Mills Community College, where she finds ways to promote better physical activities for the community and make the community a more active place overall. Amber is also the Health and Fitness Program Associate at the Mukwa Health and Fitness Center, where she supervises the student workers and interns and makes sure daily duties are being done throughout the day. She also instructs an “over 50 fitness workout” class three days per week. She graduated from Bay Mills Community College with an associate’s degree in Health and Fitness in 2013. During her time at Bay Mills Community College, she was the Project Coordinator for a Health and Fitness Initiative, she was a student worker at the Mukwa Health and Fitness Center, and also instructed Functional Training classes five days per week. Amber is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys helping others reach their fitness goals. In her spare time, Amber enjoys quality time with her husband, son, and daughter. She also enjoys being active by working out, participating in outdoor activities with her family, and spending time with her mother and siblings.​


History of Mukwa Health & Fitness Education Center

On December 2, 2009, Bay Mills Community College’s Mukwa Health & Fitness Education Center held its official grand opening, under the direction of BMCC President Michael C. (Mickey) Parish. Prior to the opening of this new facility, the Bay Mills Indian Community operated the Waishkey Fitness Center in the Waishkey Building.

Primary funding for the construction of the Center was made available through a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Tribal Colleges and Universities Program (TCUP) grant; supplemental resources were accessed through USDA Rural Development funds. Land for the new development was provided by the Bay Mills Indian Community. Design and engineering work for the project was completed by Integrated Design, Inc. out of Marquette, and General Contracting and Construction duties were handled by Roy Electric/Nomad Construction from Sault Ste. Marie.

Under the administrative oversight of BMCC’s Land Grant Department, the Mukwa Health & Fitness Education Center was developed to serve three primary functions: 1) provide a home for BMCC’s Exercise Science academic program and learning laboratory for students studying in that program; 2) provide a high-quality community health & fitness center for members of the Bay Mills Indian Community and their neighbors; and 3) provide a local home for physical rehabilitation services provided by War Memorial Hospital.