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Drop/Withdrawal Policy

Students who officially drop from class(s) prior to the last day of the official drop period of the semester qualify for a tuition/fee refund of 100%. No refunds will be granted after the last official drop date for refund. .


To drop a class you will need to log into Student Records in Empower. Hover over "Student Records". Click on "Register my Classes" in Course Tools, then click DROP next to the class. This option is only available during the 10 day drop period, after that you will need to officially withdraw. The Last Day to Drop dates can be found on the academic calendar.


A student finding it necessary to withdraw from courses, after the drop deadline, must email for online students and for on campus students. Failure to do so is not considered an official withdrawal and will result in failing grades in that course(s). The Last Day to Withdraw dates can be found on the academic calendar.