Continuing Education Units


What is a CEU 

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are a nationally recognized standard for documenting successful completion of non-credit programs and courses. Continuing education workshops are non-academic courses that do not qualify for academic credit, therefore they do not apply to any degree or program of study.  

CEUs are useful to document personal growth, professional development, enhancing or building your portfolio, and tracking your non-academic accomplishments. 

This can include courses, workshops, and training sessions.  



In 1974 an external task force called the Council on Continuing Education published a set of criteria by which CEU would be awarded. In 1977 the same group chose to issue the criteria as a set of Principles and Good Practices in Continuing Education. In 1978 Congress provided funds for TCU through the Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities Assistance Act. Within the definitions of the law (Title 25, Chapter 20) TCUs agree to follow those same principles and good practices described by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET).


How to Register for a CEU Course

Click “Register for a CEU Course Today!” to look at the CEU course offerings. Select the name of the course you wish to learn more about. If you want to sign up for that course, click the “Sign Up” button. Click “Check Out” when you have selected all the courses you are interested in signing up for. If you already have a BMCC Student account, click “Login”, if you are new to BMCC, click “Create a New Account”. 

Please ensure to fill out the CEU form completely; including name, address, and date of birth; indicate the ethnic origin and race and include a tribal ID# if you are a member of a federally recognized tribe.

For participants enrolled in a federally recognized tribe, we require a copy of the tribal enrollment card (including the front and the back of the card). Please send a photocopy of your tribal enrollment card to admissions at [email protected]

Register for a CEU Course Today!

Disclaimer: BMCC follows the same principles and good practices as the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) standards but is not currently recognized by IACET. 


Suggest a Course

Do you have an idea for a BMCC Continuing Education course? Please email the CEU Coordinator, Lily Kuzmik, to share your ideas about Continuing Education! 


Lily Kuzmik

Academic Specialist and CEU Coordinator
Phone: 906-248-8491
Email: [email protected]



Kendra Voris

Dean of Distance Education
Phone: 906-248-8402
Email: [email protected]


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