Programs & Courses


Programs of study at Bay Mills Community College are designed to provide opportunities for students to develop skills, competencies and experience in chosen areas. Students can complete programs of study preparing them to transfer to a four-year institution or to seek immediate employment. BMCC also welcomes those seeking personal enrichment or new or updated job skills, as well as visiting students from other colleges.

BMCC is continually striving to meet the needs of our students, our communities, and our nation. In an effort to meet identified needs, curricula are added on an as needed basis. If you do not see a particular program of study or curricula that meets your needs, call BMCC at 1-866-967-2622 to check for updates. Supplements to the catalog will be published as required. 



We offer a wide range of credentials that best fit your needs. To see a breakdown of those credentials please expand on the options below:

Curriculums leading to AAS degrees are intense programs of study designed to prepare students for employment after graduation. Degree requirements for the AAS include a minimum of general education courses, a maximum of specialized occupational courses, and both designated and open electives. The concept of "career concentration" has been followed in the design of each program. Students become involved with career oriented courses during their first semester. This involvement continues throughout the time spent with Bay Mills Community College. All candidates for an Associate of Applied Science degree must successfully complete a minimum of 62 semester credits.

Although the Associate of Applied Science degree is designed primarily for employment preparation, many of the courses in these degree programs can transfer to four-year colleges or universities. Students should consult with their faculty advisors if interested in transfer information. 


The Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science degree programs are BMCC's basic academic transfer programs. Courses in these programs form the basis for many career options and majors and parallel those offered in the first two years at four-year baccalaureate degree institutions. All students wishing to transfer should work closely with their academic advisor at BMCC and the intended transfer schools in the planning of their course of study while at BMCC. The academic curriculums differ and can adversely impact your ability to transfer your credits unless you plan properly. Substitutions for prescribed courses may be allowed as necessary for individual students to meet specific transfer requirements. All candidates for an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree must successfully complete a minimum of 62 semester credits. If prerequisite courses need to be taken prior to required courses, students should expect to spend additional time for program completion.

The Bachelor of Arts is offered in the Early Childhood Education program. This program is designed to prepare teachers, family service, education managers, and administrators of Indian Head Start facilities nationwide, which is the primary focus of these programs.

Our Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs are delivered completely online. They are for students who are interested in working with young children age birth to eight and their families. Students will acquire an understanding of developmental patterns for children birth to eight in such areas as cognition, emotion, social interaction, and physical growth. Students will also acquire knowledge in parent engagement and the necessary skills required to administer an early childhood program. A secodary focus is imparting an understanding of Native American culture as it applies to children in early childhood programs. Hands on experience will supplement reading and study. The program will give students resource materials and a basic foundation of knowledge. Classroom practicum is also incorporated.

The Bachelor of Science is offered in the Computer Information Systems and Business Administration program.

Certificate programs at BMCC are designed to provide opportunities to develop skills in areas that would lead to employment. Specialized and technological certificates are available to meet the needs of business and industry. Some certificates may also lead to a degree program. Students should consult with an academic advisor to determine eligibility for continuation in an associate program. Other certificate programs are offered periodically which meet the specialized needs of business and industry.

Diplomas that are currently available are: Anishnaabemowin Language and Instructor Institute (Ojibwe Language Instruction) and Anishnaabemowin Pane Immersion Program.