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 “I” (Incomplete): Students are responsible for completing the requirements of courses in which they are enrolled by the end of the semester. Grades of incomplete will only be given when the student has completed seventy percent (70%) of the course requirements with a passing grade, and when in the opinion of the instructor, the student has a valid excuse for not completing on time and there is reasonable probability the work can be completed in the extension time.

 It is up to the receiving school, if and what your courses will transfer as. You should contact the school you plan to transfer to, to get this information. 

A class listed as a Co-requisite is required to be taken in conjunction with or before the class in question. A class listed as a Pre-requisite is required to be taken before the class in question.

This agreement is designed to facilitate transfer from community colleges to baccalaureate colleges and universities in Michigan.  The agreement provides for transferability of up to 30 semester credits to meet many (in some cases all) of the General Education Requirements at participating Michigan four-year colleges and universities.  Students may complete the MACRAO Transfer Agreement as part of an associate degree or as a stand-alone certificate.

Yes, Bay Mills Community College will accept transfer credits from other accredited institutions within certain guidelines.